David Erdos

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David Erdos is an actor,writer, director, lecturer, critic, documentatian, and composer with over 300 professional credits. He is a published poet, playwright, critic and illustrator and works for The International Times as reviewer and co-ordinator. He has worked closely and collaborated with a number of major cultural figures incuding Harold Pinter, Henry Woolf, Snoo Wilson, Chris Petit, Alan Moore, Pete Brown, Youth, Robert Montgomery, Steve Hackett and Iain Sinclair, in whose book The Last London, he features. David’s close friendship with Heathcote Williams led to a number of projects, most notably the production of Killing Kit- The Murder of Christopher Marlowe and The Queen of England. In addition David has led drama and acting departments fora numberof performing arts schools and colleges across the UK and Europe and consulted with a wide range of production companies for both theatre and film, along with a variety of record labels such as Suriya Recordings and House of Mythology. David’s one man show, His Last Cabaret: On the life and afterlife of Lenny Bruce toured to great acclaim and his appearances in Pinter, Shakespare and a range of modern and classic works have played at venues as prestigious as the Edinburgh Festival, Playhouse and Everyman Theatres, Liverpool and Royal Court/Duke of Yorks, London. David has worked as a creative writing officer for Save the Children and the Arts Council of England and is a previous winner of the Peggy Ramsay Foundation award. He was writer and director in residence at the Cockpit Theatre, London and regularly gives tutorials on creative practice around the world. David’s books Easy Verses for Difficult Times, Oil on Silver, The Scar on the Cloud and News From Mars are available from Penniless Press Publications.