Elena Caldera

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Radical visionary artist, poet, agitator, member of the editorial staff of the International Times (IT). 

In her artworks, all human feelings are concentrated in an extreme way: from anger, to love, to sexual provocation, to violence, to the most excruciating pain, sometimes even all in a single work. 

Her works appear in various online newspapers and blogs (such as “The Ecologist” and “The Rebel Magazine” and others),  and many of her works have been printed and published several times by the Rotterdam underground publishing house “Cold Turkey Press”. 

Last girlfriend of the radical poet and multifaceted artist Heathcote Williams, with her partner she shared most of her works creating graphic drawings/paintings to accompany his poems, collaborating almost always at his side and working on several projects for him, including the cover illustration of his book “Badshah Khan: Islamic Peace Warrior”. 

In 2016 Elena and Williams created a collection of love poems called “Confessions of a Bliss Junkie”, ready for publication in 2017. However, the project was fatally interrupted due to the tragic event of Williams’ death. 



“My project not only in the artistic field, but concerning my 360° “earthly existence”, is to dedicate every single step in the present and towards the future, to my beloved poet Heathcote Williams, until the last day of my life. Every single work is a tribute to him, every single breath is to make him continue to live through me with all the intense love I feel for him.” 


Twitter: twitter.com/ElenaC_IT