Higher Words is a new online entity dedicated to promoting the scope of the singular voice. Inspired by our friend and inspiration Heathcote Williams, this magazine, this star fed forum is a place where what should be said about the way we are currently drawing the dark over us like a bad mother’s blanket requires the fires of change. Our contributors; poets, artists, novelists, activists, musicians and a hopeful new generation of artistic neophytes will fill these digital pages with true and tested realities of expression. It is my honour to house the shimmering, startling work of those stood at the gates of this enterprise, as they open them for general admittance. We require work that will challenge and rouse the atrophied into acts of rebellion and drive those in control into dark. To create the new gold will take heavy digging. To unearth a star out of chaos takes the craft of a leader coupled to the spark of a child. We want the beautiful first and we want the undeniable with it. Higher Words that will lift us free of the pit THEY have made.

David Erdos, London, August 2018